About Kidney Failure Treatment

At Sai Sanjivani, we provide the best kidney failure treatment in Ayurveda and manage levels of creatinine by increasing the output of kidney. When the output of kidney increases, the filtration also increases and the level of creatinine decreases in the body. In Ayurveda, there are certain herbal medicines that are Diuretic, which helps to increase the urine formation. These herbs are proved to be natural miracles for kidney patients as they help in improving kidney functions and controls creatinine and urea levels. Dr. Puru Dhawan always recommends some easy tips which improvise the performance of kidney and creatinine levels come under control.

Reasons for Kidney Failure

There are numerous reason behind kidney failure, when ever a patient comes to Sai Sanjivani, we always tries to go to the root of the problem, to look for the cause of kidney failure, we are listing few causes based on our practise in the field of Kidney failure, Following reason may causes Kidney failure, depending upon other numerous factors:

Our Kidney Failure Treatment Results

After taking treatment from Sai Sanjivani, he showed great improvement within first month of treatment. His kidney function went from stage 5 to stage 1, Creatinine is now at 0.9, Urea is 32 now, uric acid is 6 and urine infection is less now.


Dr. Puru Dhawan

Ayurvedic Physician

He is a well known Ayurveda Practitioner in India curing thousands of patients suffering from all types of kidney diseases without dialysis and kidney transplant. Running own Ayurvedic center in the name of Sai Sanjivani in Delhi, India, an expert in treating kidney-related conditions. He prescribes herbal and natural treatment to fight all types of kidney diseases. He has successfully treated many patients and recommends authentic Ayurvedic treatment with the safest methods and dietary guidelines.

Dr. Pragti Gupta

Senior Consultant

Dr. Pragti Gupta is a senior consultant in Sai Sanjivani. She examines and takes a detailed history of all kidney patients to determine the cause of kidney failure. Once the cause of kidney failure is found out, she prescribes the best renal diet which is customized as per patient’s condition and improvements for faster recovery. After accurately diagnosing kidney problem, the Kidney Function Restoration Treatment is advised.

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Our Kidney Failure Patient's Reviews

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Mahesh Pune

My kidney condition was very bad. I was so scared that even my doctor said you don’t have any chance of survival. After taking Kidney failure treatment from Sai Sanjivani.With the help of medicines prescribed by dr. Puru Dhawan and diet instructions..my kidneys restored without any dialysis and I am finally cured of kidney failure. My creatinine level has reduced from 5.7 to 1.9 and urea levels came down from 152 to 89. Now I feel very well.

Vikram Muzaffar Nagar

Mere Bhai ka creatinine level 6.8 tha aur mene allopathic treatment liya par usse levels kam nai aaye. Fir mene Dr. Puru Dhawan ki video dekhi youtube par, doctors ko contact kra. KFRT treatment 2 months lene ke baad mera bp bhi control hai aur mera creatinine 6.8 se 2.3 ho gya..protein in urine bhi decrease ho gya..ayurvedic kidney failure treatment lene ke baad meri ab bhook bhi thek ho gyi aur mei better feel krta hu..highly recommend Sai Sanjiavni for kidney failure treatment.


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